Customer Reviews

We give our customers review slips after their meals to give them an opportunity to provide feedback. These are some of the positive comments we have been blessed to receive.
  • This was our first visit, and what a visit! This proves that eating healthy can be fun and flavorful. The food looked great and tasted better. Thank you for providing such a pleasant experience
  • I have had biscuits & gravy from all over. Everywhere from Montana to Arkansas. These are the BEST I've ever had!
  • If I ever get the death penalty, this would be the food I request as my last meal! Absolute perfection.
  • We love this place and the food is most definitely food for ascension. Great service, great ambience, great food.
  • Such a wonderful find! ALL the food was fantastic! I am a plant-based easter so your menu is PERFECT for me! I will tell all my friends. Keep up the great work.
  • I LOVE this place! The food is so nicely presented and fresh. I look forward to coming back many times. The Raisin Rose infused water was divine!
  • What a gem! So happy to see a place to get real, whole food made with love and local to Tucson. Beautiful place you have here. Thank you!

Flavors are fabulous!!! Keep up the great job with the awesome cashew cream cheese! YUM

Fantastic -- we will be back & with friends! Thank you for a great experience.

Excellent lunch -- we really appreciated our server assisting us by making recommendations consistent with our nutrition plan. Delicious & lovely food, thank you!

What an amazing meal! The flavors were bold and clean. The variety was great too. Last, the service was excellent: very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks!

We love eating at your restaurant and think you have the best vegan food in town! I am consistently impressed with your desserts, because vegan & gluten-free baking can be difficult, but everything we've tried has been wonderful.

Thank you for another wonderful meal! We always leave feeling incredible and can't stop raving about Food for Ascension to our friends! Thanks again for all you do!

Our second time here. It is always a pleasurable experience. From the staff, the food, the drunks, and the lovely casual 'bouquets' on the table. Thank you.

This is my first time coming to your restaurant and I really enjoyed it. It's great to know that there is such a gem in Tucson. Thank you for the great service and amazing food!

Love, love, love this place. Food & environment are great, staff is absolutely amazing!!!

Excellent as always. A treasure of generous spirit the world needs so much.

Your desserts are sinfully good. Very fun flavor combinations and an idea of what to do with the bag of chia seeds I bought. Maybe choco-chia?hmm

The food is very good but my best experience is the waitress: great smile, great suggestions, and professional in everything. Thank you, you made our trip to Tucson!

Thank you! All of you were excellent!! All staff was extremely friendly! Food was great! I will for sure tell others and will return! Love the atmosphere, job well done with everything!

Very nice atmosphere and great meal: Eggs Francis! Wonderful side salad and dressing.

First time here. It was excellent. Explosion of taste, will be back and will bring many friends. Thank you so much.

What is there to say that words will capture -- when the experience of eating is delightful -- not the mention the service and its attentiveness. Thank you!

We are raw vegans and appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to make us a delicious soup & salad.

Everything was delicious! I ate your food at a Plant Based Nation event last year before the restaurant opened but this was my first trip to the restaurant. I will be back! This will become a "special occasion" staple for me as I continue my quest for a more plant-based lifestyle. Thank you!

Delicious food, great service, wonderful atmosphere. You're my new favorite restaurant!

Love the kumbucha, truffles, and the live flowers on the table. Thank you for offering so many vegan options. I'll be back!

Everything was wonderful! I am so glad that we found your cafe. Next time we visit Tucson we will be back for sure. Thank you so much!

So impressed with the responsibility of ingredients chosen and the beautiful ways you presented them on the plate. Such a lovely experience all around. Excited to be your neighbor!

Delicious, nourishing, inspiring, kind, attentive, caring

A very pleasant & welcome experience. Like the fact that your restaurant is ALL GREEN. Keep it up!!! The ambience of the gift shop and restaurant is very nice. The service was also GREAT. It is certainly not a "run of the mill" restaurant.

Thank you for a delicious meal full of blessings and light. Nourished in body, heart & soul.

What an awesome meal! I also greatly appreciated the beautiful birthday song sung to me by 3 beautiful light-beings. Thank you for making my birthday so very special!

Beautifully executed, exceptionally fresh food in a relaxing setting. Thank you for the experience and the love.

THANK YOU for providing healthy, vegan options! Amazing work you do. Food = Phenomenal! Looking forward to visiting again soon!

Thank you for creating a beautiful experience. The ambience, food, kind servers, food that nourishes the soul.

Excellent greens/seed burger. Delicious dessert/coffee. Well served -- smiles & explanations. Great ambience!

This was our first visit -- we are visiting our sister from the Northeast and we mourn the fact that we don't live closer! The food was amazing and Natalia had a lovely, warm energy and took great care of us. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!!

Great food! And friendly service. A delight to eat here. I'll be back.

What a brilliant experience. Thank you for all that you do and stand for! We'll be back!

Thank you! Love the delicious healthy, vegan food, thoughtful service in an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere.

Fabulous food and great people. Very friendly & welcoming. We will come again for sure!

Everything was perfect; service was friendly and informative, and the food and drinks were delicious. Looking forward to a return visit!

I had a wonderfully relaxing and flavorful lunch. Thank you for creating such a lovely environment. Both my appetite and my psyche feel nourished.

Service was excellent! Everyone has great earrings! LOL. I'm telling my daughter I love this food because I can taste the sunshine, the soil and the love that's clearly gone into growing & preparing these dishes. She said: "It's almost too healthy" and got covered with seeds eating her parfait. We've had an experience, not just lunch. Thanks for the memory.

If I were a food critic, I would give you 10 stars in a 1-5 star rating! Excellent ambience, service, and quality real food. We will be regulars.

Remarkably divine. I grow my own food: organic grain and gluten free. How wonderful to eat in a restaurant similar to what we have at home. Thank you.

We loved having your biscuits and oyster gravy, and potato cakes! You have proven that vegan does not have to mean dull, bland, and tasteless! Thank you for giving Tucson another vegan option with a conscience.

Thank you for a great all around experience! Food, service, & atmosphere were above and beyond the norm. A truly wholesome experience.

I love this place so much, in fact, it is the only restaurant I go to in Tucson.

What an amazing place: splendid, nourishing, hearty food for stomach & soul; impeccable, delightful, friendly service -- rainbow & sunshine. We shall definitely return! We are now regulars. Much success we wish you -- keep up the great work. The food is magnificent!

Amazing ability to "connect" with you all. Service is so much more than just service.

We enjoyed the spinach salad, especially the fresh beets. All ingredients were colorful and well-blended with out meal. As always, a nice ambience.

Very good flavors of Thai soup, well-blended. Biscuit entree very filling, the greens in dish went well with the mushrooms & sauce.

This was our first time here and I must say that this was a great experience. I look forward to my next visit. Everyone was first-class. Will definitely share this place with family & friends. 5-star rating!!

This cafe was recommended to us -- we are from Canada. What a treat! Fabulous selection & terrific food -- thank you!

Cessie was/is wonderful. Very informative, real, and pleasant. We are "spreading the word". Love your concept & exceptional food. See you soon!

Excellent food and service. Every staff person was positive, friendly, and helpful. The food was ready in no time and everything was tasty and beautifully presented. Many other customers we spoke with said they "love" this place & come all of the time. We were fed & filed up spiritually & physically.

Biscuits + gravy are better than ever! Amazing. Will be coming back more often. (The great service helped, too!) Thank you!

The food is phenomenal. The staff are so friendly and wonderful. I love the atmosphere and energy when you walk in the door. I will definitely be back with more friends and family. Keep doing what you are doing.

We absolutely loved our first experience here today! The atmosphere is so relaxing and welcoming! A special thanks to our waitress & the hostess -- you both were very kind. Thank you!

Off the planet eating & dining experience! Felt the spiritual calmness of the staff.

Excellent beer! Perfect root & seed burger -- delicious; we'll be back. Great service!

A very relaxing venue, a complete, healthy, and cruelty-free menu. We don't live in-state, but if we return, we'll be back.

We love this restaurant. The food & drink are fabulous, and we love the local, organic, animal-friendly aspect of your cafe. We're thankful for all the animals spared & for your incredible efforts to create a better world.

I was pleasantly surprised by how positively delightful & inviting my greeting and experience was! Thanks for the tasty food & bright smiles. I will definitely be back!

Some of the best food I've ever eaten anywhere! Infused with love! Thank you.

What a lovely place. So enjoyed the food, the music, the sweet energy here. Had a "gratitude attack" for what's happening in the world.

From start to finish, an overwhelmingly beautiful experience. One can really feel the heart-space expand when here. Just what I needed. Thank you!

Terrific Valentine's dinner. Great service & extraordinary food. We went with the server's recommendations which were spot on.

I absolutely love it here. This is our first time and we will be definitely coming back! Atmosphere is great and the food was AMAZING! My husband said if you weren't vegan before this place would make you vegan!

You are truly amazing and I wish you all the best! I'm just passing through town but if my friends travel to Tucson I'll make sure to send them your way. Seriously, I'm Italian and my mom is a wonderful cook and YET, this gnocchi is one of the most amazing dishes I've ever had!

LOVE your restaurant! Grateful to hear you can accomodate low/no sodium diets -- will be back with a friend!

It was so good it didn't even need meat!

I am so glad to have found this cafe! The food is excellent, staff is friendly, and overall experience very pleasant! I'll be back!

Our second visit -- as good as the first time! Love this place -- not just the food which is awesome.

Thank you for a great dinner. Beautiful kale salad. Delicious potato entree & seed burger. Enjoyed the seed cracker and chocolate cakes! Wonderful vegan/gluten-free options. Classy place and beautiful surroundings. We'll definitely be back!

Fantastic!!! Thank you for providing the kind of food that sustains us.

Just keeps getting better! My favorite and I am not vegan.

Excellent, excellent food and service! Thank you for caring about our health and environment! I will be back -- often!

Food quite good -- portion huge! Natural, eco-friendly furniture, recycled wine bottles and milk bottles -- quite good ideas. No plastic!

Great service; beautiful smiling hostess and divine servants; amazing yet simple food; thank you! thank you! thank you!

Delightful experience. Uniquely-prepared dishes; staff is incredibly friendly; food was freshly-prepared and quick. Ambiance is charming.

You guys are so awesome! Everything was delicious and the staff was great. We'll be back later this week and every time we're visiting Tucson. We'll be not-so-patiently waiting for a San Diego locetion!

It's so good to eat at a restaurant where I know the food is fresh and good for me, with no artificial stuff or additives. Healthy eating at its best.

The ladies were delightful; thank you. Loved the quinoa & apple pie pastry -- one of the best I have tasted. The beans with bruscetta were amazing. Will endorse and recommend.

First experience at your restaurant. We enjoyed the soups and fresh veggies -- lovely. The service was outstanding. We will be back.

First visit: highly impressed. Decor & atmosphere beautiful. Food -- excellent! Beautiful presentation. Server: friendly and kind -- great! Also hostess was GREAT! Will be back, Thank you.