History of Food for Ascension Cafe

Food For Ascension Café began in 1994 as an idea, the fruit of forward thinking and aspiration, straight from the heart of the first Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage, in Sedona, Arizona.  One of the co-founders, Gabriel of Urantia, was discussing the importance of higher quality food in our lives today, and had just touched on the influences of motive, intention, and thinking on the particle reality of food when he said “it should be food for ascension.”

If we want to break it down into simpler terms, ascension means quality-progress.  When it comes to food, it means health, vitality and energy.  As a pioneer in organic thinking and progressive service, Gabriel has implored with students and the public to consider the implications inherent in combining the findings of leading fields of science in consciousness and particle reality with the teachings and texts on morality from the greatest spiritual minds of our history; to fuse science with spirituality (called in his book, The Cosmic Family, Volume I "ascension science"), and to test and measure the truth of it by personal experience. 

Are we discovering something new about thought life in these times? What if morality, intention, and personal values impacted the quality of food?  Is it possible that ‘love’ can grow healthier food?  Does a sacred and peaceful atmosphere facilitate a higher intake of nutrients?  Could a restaurant founded on the principals of virtue, love, and service, from the farm to the table, actually change lives? These are the questions Gabriel wanted answers to.

He believed it would.  He theorized that such a restaurant would mark the beginning of a new era in food service, a new standard, and thus was the shared vision for a beautiful and sacred restaurant and café, the Food For Ascension Café, born, and all that was needed then was the building, the resources, and the time.

After 19 years of hard work and many perfected and saved recipes, patience and persistence finally paid off, and the Food For Ascension Café doors now swing open to the beautiful southern Arizona city of Tucson; there to bless and serve the people with the highest standard and best quality of intention, from the food, to the people, to the music (which Gabriel personally selects), environment, art and atmosphere itself; the vision has come to fruition today, and it’s only the beginning.