" A significant part of the pleasure of eating is on one’s accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which the food comes.”  
— Wendell Berry 


Who We Are

We are a community of fun-loving, friendly, service-oriented people.  We’re all about making progress and bringing positive change and education to the world, and as many people today already know, this is a greatly needed service in today’s food industry.  There is a growing movement in food; terms like “sustainable,” “organic,” “vegan,” “plant-based,” and “farm-to-table” are becoming increasingly popular and mainstream. We are a part of this meaningful slow food movement by providing another beautiful place for people to eat and learn. We do not define ourselves as a “vegan” restaurant; if there has to be a label, let’s go with “plant-based.” 

We love people, we love family, we love good music, we love food, and we love life.  We are trying to make the world a better place, the best we can as a humble group of volunteers, and it’s certainly a team effort.  When all is said and done, we’re just trying to help show that clean, healthy, fresh food can be delicious and fairly priced, and that you can enjoy a great meal in a safe and sacred environment with like-minded people from all over. We invite you to come meet us, check the place out, and try some of the finest food in southern Arizona.


What We Do

We’ve got a cool new cutting-edge system of interdependence with our local sources.  Our menu changes with the seasons, in harmony with the gardens and local goods providers of Tucson and other parts of southern Arizona, based upon quantity, variety, and accessibility of local produce.

All of our dishes are prepared with local in-season produce, all organic, all fresh, all love.  We’re not about labels, stigma, or stinky self-righteousness; we’re just about eating the right things for the right reasons, and doing it in a friendly, clean, fun, artistic, organized, positive and uplifting atmosphere.  

We put quality time, sweet love, and friendly consideration into each dish, and treat each guest just like our close friends and family, to get that "old mom and pop restaurant” family feeling.  We really want people to come back for more than just “good food,” they should come back because we know their names, their stories, their families, and we care about them.

We promote personal, social, cultural, and even global progress! Accelerated advancement and personal ascension in morals, values, and ethics.  Better education, higher quality food and water, and progressive ideas are just some of the ideals we stand for.  We want to help ignite the spirit of service and virtue in the greater community, and help people become and live the global change they want to see.