Our Tucson location is closed as of Aug. 1, 2015, but keep in touch for upcoming events catered by the Food For Ascension Café!

Thank you to all of our loyal customers, we hope to see you soon!

Blessings greater Tucson and beyond. We at Food For Ascension Café have come to the difficult decision at this time to put this beautifully-created café on pause, closing our doors as a café for the time being. Our last day open is this evening, Saturday August 1, 2015. We discovered that there just is not enough understanding of the true meaning of "slow food" to support what we were doing in the Café in Tucson to justify the time and energy we were putting into it.

We do plan on opening our doors in the near future at our home at Avalon Gardens in the Tubac/Tumacacori area in Santa Cruz County. We will let you all know of our opening, which we plan in the next few months. Meanwhile, where the Café is now will become an extension of the Sea of Glass Center for the Arts. Stay tuned for activities there, including an extensive gallery of transformational and avant-garde art.

We of course are very grateful for the wonderful patrons who have been our loyal guests here at the café, and we do wish to express how sincerely we will miss seeing your special smiles so often! We raise our glass and toast to all who have shared meals here with us and have appreciated us and have brought in your friends and loved ones to celebrate your special moments with.

As farmers and growers of organic food ourselves, we completely understand the value of a farm-to-table lifestyle. Honoring the Slow Food movement is truly a way of life.

We honor the local growers who have been a consistent and dependable source of beautiful and bountiful produce for us, may the rains gently grace your gardens always.

We most certainly wish to acknowledge our beautiful staff, both the front of the house and the back of the house; what a beautiful dance this has been. Thank you for the smiles and heartfelt bonds you all brought and shared with customers and fellow staff in the preparation of such beautifully locally-grown organic foods!

We also want to encourage you all to continue to come by, as this is one of the most beautiful buildings on the Ave! You never know what can be manifest from this moment on and we continue to launch into new and exciting endeavors.

And last but not least, we acknowledge the vision that the founders had, and continue to have, in bringing such a dream to fruition. So with much gratitude for all the opportunities and blessings everyone experienced, we wish to express to Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase that serving this café and its beautiful patrons has been a complete honor.

Sincerely, with great expectations for the ever-expanding future,

Food For Ascension Café